GROUNDED, established in 2012, is rooted back to over 60 years of combined retail experience by The Han Family.  The corporate offices are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where the Han Family first established their businesses and still are in operation. At GROUNDED, our mission is to provide outstanding service every day, one customer at a time. Further focus is provided to GROUNDED employees at all levels with this GROUNDED mission, which is also a management’s mission... GROUNDED works very hard to make the right decisions in serving our customers in their best interest and those serving them. GROUNDED provides further guidance and training to all their employees about how to achieve the GROUNDED’s mission in a practical way every day with a clear description of the GROUNDED culture and values... "We do our best to maintain a clean, safe and laid back environment.  We are a commission free and customer oriented store, therefore we will never make you feel pressured in anyway.  We will always be willing to help and assist any customer with any request they may have.”                                                                                       Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           GROUNDED Staff